The Humane Society

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The Humane Society is a group of volunteers and professionals that work together to stop and prevent animal cruelty.  The humane society also works with an organization known as the ASPA to help provide shelter and food to stray and abused animals.  The Humane Society also helps give homeless animals a chance to be adopted.

The humane society believes that people are the most important resource.  They also feel that by working with people in the community they help animals and humans.  They also feel that teamwork is very important.  The humane society says that humans have to be responsible for the animals that man kind has chose to domesticate.

The humane society offers a variety of programs that help animals and humans.  One of the programs is a group of educational classes that teaches people how to care for and treat a pet.  The humane society helps several rescue groups spay and neuter their animals.  One of the most important programs that the humane society participates in is taking animals they have rescued to nursing homes, community centers, libraries and hospitals.  This gives people a chance to appreciate animals.  This program can also help animals regain trust in humans.

The humane society has programs that help wildlife as well.  They offer assistance to injured animals as well as orphaned animals in all 50 states.  They have been known to help rabbits, deer, birds, fox, squirrels, raccoons, reptiles and many other wild animals.  If someone were to find an injured or abandoned wild animal the humane society would most likely be the ones to be called.


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