Top Three Hits from Lee Hom Wang’s Album Heartbeat

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Lee HomWang is a famous American Taiwanese R and B singer who originated from the U.S.  He was born in Rochester, New York and is the second eldest of his three brothers. He got into the music business in 1995 while visiting his grandparents who live in Taiwan.  He is very well known in Asia and has a four time Golden Melody Award for his music. His music style is coined “chinked out” which to him is a mixture of traditional Chinese music and his own twist to it.  His Latest Album “Heart Beat” was released in December 2008. In this Album Wang Lee Hom chooses to focus on the rock genre and thereupon, uses the electric guitar on most of his songs.


Without further delay, here are the Top Three of my favorite Hits from  Lee Hom Wang’s newest album “Heartbeat”

1)     Competitor

This song has is western feel to it with a hip-hop beat to it.  It is special due to Wang singing and also rapping in the song. The semi fast pace tempo makes the song great to listen to. The chorus is good, putting effects on his voice, and starting with the piano adds flavor to the song which makes it good. Wang Lee speaks of the lover’s opposing personalities or conflicting personality just as if they are competitors but he will always lover her.

2)  Heartbeat

It is a romantic soft and slow song. Wang Lee adds just a bit of the electric guitar making the ballad into a slow rock song.  His voice mixes well into the soft melody and you are taken into the lyrics of the romantic love song. Heartbeat talks about the couples love. He wants to go back to the times when they are only happy and does not want to argue with her. Overall her beauty mesmerizes him and takes away his heartbeat.  There is a nice music video of this song.

3) Sun After Washed by Spring Rain

This song has a nice melody to it. It has a nature overtone and is also accompanied by a music video.  The song consists of a mellow but happy tone. It talks about the pain after a separation from your lover but how time heals. In this case the rain washes the sun and one becomes renewed. This symbolizes the idea of after the rain the sun comes out or after the pain you will heal. Overall it is a simple and enjoyable song not unlike an enjoyable walk in the park. The song is one of those songs that you can enjoy and hum to as you share the feeling of hope after separation and how life goes on.


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