Disease Information

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Prevention Strategies

Having difficulty breathing sometimes or possibly all the time.

-Get it by:

1. Genetics (from mother, Father, etc.)

2. From growing up in a place which is full of smoke, smog, etc

– Make Sure you don’t live in areas full of smoke or you will eventually have trouble breathing, if you get it from genetics its just natural.


Prevention Strategies

Getting burnt so badly that your skin will make melanomas that can destroy you.

-get it by

1. Genetics (from mother, Father, etc.)

2. Spending to much time in the sun and tanning your skin, eventually killing it.

If your going to the beech or pool ALWAYS wear:


A rash Vest, Hat, Sunglasses and make sure you’re in shade.

Skin Cancer

Prevention Strategies

When having Sexual Intercourse, it is possible you may pick up a disease.

Get it by:

1.Having sexual Intercourse

2. Being passes down through Genetics.

When Having Sexual intercourse, go as safe as you can. Using special equipment.


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