Get Rid of Red Eye in Photographs

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You’ve lined up the children in a great location, and you’ve taken a ton of fabulous pictures of them. Then you browse through the camera and notice that half of the ‘gems’ you just took are pictures of beautiful children with bright red glowing eyes! Those pesky red eyes turn up everywhere. This happens when someone is staring directly at the camera when the flash goes off and the flash reflects off the retina in the eye. There are many ways to avoid red-eye, and there are many ways to fix your photograph after the picture is already taken.

 You can eliminate red-eye by:

  • Have your subject look anywhere but directly into the camera lens. 
  • Put at least an arm’s length distance between you and the subject.
  • Point the flash towards a white surface instead of directly at the subject.
  •  Reduce the subject’s pupils by having them look directly at a bright light before snapping the photo.

 Already have some great photos but they suffer from Red Eye?

  • Buy a red-eye pen from a photographic store and simply draw over the red eyes in the photo.
  • Use computer image software to digitally alter the photo. If you know how to use Photoshop, then you can easily remove the red-eye problem. Most computers and printers come with imaging software and almost all of them have the ability to easily remove red-eye.
  • Take the photo to a photography store where they can professionally remove the red-eye.

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