Get Children Used to Having Their Picture Taken

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Train them early. There are so many children who are hauled into the photographer’s studio at age 5 for the first time and are terrified of the camera. If they had been exposed from birth to having a camera pointed at them, the photography session would go so much smoother. Professional photographers know immediately which children have been around cameras all their life and which ones are encountering having their photo taken for the first time. The first child is inquisitive, unafraid, and cooperative; the second is shy, afraid, and uncooperative. It is essential that you train your child from an early age to accept the camera being aimed at him as perfectly natural. This not only makes for great photographs, it also contributes to a child’s well-being because they feel a part of the family and loved. 

Pay attention to teens. As children grow older they naturally start to pull away from adults, especially their parents. Ensure that your children are so used to the camera that they will take having their photograph taken as a given. “Oh, come on, Mom!,” a teenager would tell his mom whenever she aimed the camera at him. But he had been around that camera from infancy, and he knew his mom would take the picture anyway, so he would let her take it. No matter how grown up they think they are, teenagers still enjoy the attention from adults, and they don’t really need much coaxing to take their picture.

Display your photography in your home so your children can see the results of having cooperated with you. Take the time to surround them with pictures of themselves everywhere. Have an especially poignant moment between mother and baby daughter transferred onto canvas at and hang the framed canvas at a central spot in your home.

Create a wall of canvas’ that spread throughout your daughter’s lifetime – mother/infant daughter, father/son catching their first fish, father/daughter dancing at her wedding, mother/son learning to write his name – make lasting memories that become a part of your family’s traditions and history. Have the camera and resulting photographs become an intricate part of your family.


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