Ten Tips to save money on your travel

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When you are on traveling   every rupee or dollars should be used economically and always plan your travel in advance, which helps in saving lot of money. Planning is very crucial step in your traveling; hence you have to take precautions in each and every step. Right from budgeting, hotel booking, clothing, ticketing, sight seeing, exchange rates, local traveling, lugguage, shopping, eating joints, and the best time to visit a particular destination.

 Budget your travel

 The prime important aspect in traveling is budgeting. This is the first course of action. While budgeting you have to take in consideration of all your hotel accommodation. What are the tariffs, discounts. How many days you will stay? All this have to be taken into consideration.  How much will be the expenditure on fooding, shopping, travelling, entertainment, cocktails, and any other incidental expenses.

 Once you have prepared your budget then, the planning for saving & arrangement of  money comes next.


Don’t be shy about signing up for airlines’ e-newsletters or downloading airlines’ desktop applications like Southwest Airlines’ Ding! , American Airlines’ Deal Finder, counsels Hobica. Airlines send out special alerts and coupon codes exclusive to newsletter subscribers that could let you discounts like two tickets for the price of one or thirty percent off tickets to a particular destination. Be sure to sign up for newsletters from travel search engines like Cheapflights.com as well, to make sure you don’t miss out on great package deals.

 Your have to get your ticketing to and fro well in advance. Some times certain Airlines give festival discounts and if ticketing can be done at that moment, you can take good advantage of all the possible avenues available.

 Hotel Booking  

To avoid unnecessary expenses you book your hotel in advance. Keep email address, telephone numbers, fax number , and exact address. You must also get some ideas about the shortest distance from airport or railway station to the Hotel. Gather this information from friends or business associates, who have earlier visited your travel destination. Find out if the hotel provides airport pickup or dropping services. Paid services or complimentary services?

 Exchange Rates

Before you are on your journey collect information about the exchange rates. Some general idea about the Local currency. This seems like common sense, but knowing the exchange rate will allow you to tell when you’re paying too much or cautions at least before you  spend.


In travel you must know or gather information about the clothing that will be required. It depends up on the climatic condition of your travel destination. If the area of your travel  requires  warm clothing or rainy garments. These information will help you in carrying  lugguage  & also unnecessary spending money in buying clothes at that place.


 On travel it is always advisable to carry minimum lugguage. Excessive lugguage will create trouble. So carry only which is most essential and handy.  Extra lugguage which will only create inconvenience, and may lead to potter charges. This in turn will increase your expenses .


To save money in your holidays , you must take the help of locals. Because they will have better ideas ,where to market and where not to. You will learn things that you wouldn’t get out of your guidebook. Similarly when you want to do shopping locals can help you with address of stores where you can get good

products at a cheaper rates.

 Eating joints

It is safe to take the help and guidance of locals. You should always seek help from local in selecting eating places, which serves good and economical food.

 Use of public transport

You should always come out of your hotels before time and then try to travel in public transport where ever it is possible. When you have to take a cab try to take  a shared  taxi , so that it can be economical for you. For short distances you should always walk which will be healthier and cost effective for you.

 Medical Kit

In journey you should always carry medical kit, specially if you are suffering from heart aliment or Asthma . You should also carry medicines when you travel with kids.

 Thus follow the above tips, you will have smooth, tension free, relaxed & enjoyable experience travel. You and your loved ones will enjoy your holidays. Since Christmas is on the corner you can plan your holidays and enjoy within your limits.


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