Make the Most of Your Garage Sale!

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You have all these things you can’t wear or have no use for so you decide to have a garage or yard sale. That is a great idea!

It does take some thought to getting the most out of your stuff. So, let’s get started.

When you buy things, most times they are in boxes. If you ever think you may want to sell them, keep the box. People like buying things in boxes. Many times you can get more money out of an item just because it comes in a box.

Second thing to remember: price tags are good. Make sure you label everything clearly. Don’t just think you can put a sign on the table that states everything on the table $1. Not everyone will notice that. And if they don’t see a price marked on the thing you are trying to sell most people will just put it down and not even bother asking about it. Some will, but most won’t. The same thing is true for marking it if it is part of an outfit. If you are selling a two piece outfit, the two pieces may get separated. So, it is best to put on each tag that it is a two piece outfit.

Once you have everything sorted out and priced, you are ready to advertise. Advertise, advertie, advertise. I can’t say that enough. Some newspapers have good deals on garage sale ads. Make use of bulletin boards around town. And if possible, stick out yard signs around the neighborhood. Some towns have rules on where you can place them, so check that out.

Make sure you know what else may be going on that may be bringing more people to town and what may be happening in other towns where people might be out of town. That way you can figure out what would be the best date or dates to have it.

Make sure to plan plenty of time. Don’t just give a few hours on Saturday morning and expect to sell everything. Sometimes, it takes awhile.

Have plenty of change ready and also plastic bags.

Now go have some fun at your garage sale!


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