One Year Wedding Preparation (Philippine Setting)

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After the proposal, the couple tends to be too anxious on how to start the preparation. I have here an actual month to month list of activity that I used when I  and my fiancé prepare for our own wedding last year, May 2009.

First Month

Inform our respective family of the engagement.

I research first, I browse the internet, and I read so many wedding books and magazine. In the net I join an on-line group at, wherein I get the chance to meet other bride’s to be. We have the exchange of ideas on how we wanted our wedding and who are the credible suppliers.

 Second Month

My fiancé and I sit down to make all the major decision we wanted in our wedding:

 Church/Place of the Ceremony:

    Do we want a church or civil wedding? List at least top 3 priorities.


     Do we want a Hotel? Restaurant? Indoor? Outdoor?

 Date and Time:

      Decide on the date.

      Decide at what time of the day? Morning, afternoon or night?


     Who are we going to invite? Relatives? Friends?Acquaintances?Co-worker?


      Color? Flowers? Theme? Souvenirs?


      How much is the allotted money to each amenity that we want/like.

 Entourage Members: 

      List down the people you want to be part of the wedding.

Third Month

 Ask for quotation from the following:


     How much?  What are the documents needed? What are the amenities included?


     Tell them the number of guest expected. This will be the basis of the quotation. Ask for the menu. Check the place. Ask for the pictures of the event that has been held at the place. Ask for the table setting. Have at least two or three options.

 *after careful evaluation decide on which one you already wanted and place a reservation fee*

 Photographer & Videographer

    Have at least 4 to 5 quotation from different vendor. Check their packages. Make sure that you meet the Photographer and Videographer in person. You have to trust your instinct on this one, make sure that you get someone that you and your hubby can jibe with. Remember, these are the people who will be working with you closely on your big day. And if you don’t like the person chances are you might be caught frowning on your photos and video.


  Ask around for quotation. Have at least 4 to 5 quotations. Make sure you see a mock up of their designs.


   Ask around for quotation. It is also best if you are referred. It will give you an idea how this designer works – If he can meet deadline? If he is approachable? If he is affordable?  Check Wedding Packages.

note:after careful evaluation decide on which one you already wanted and place a reservation fee*

 Fourth Month

 Wedding Ring

    Look around.  There are store who offer lay-away plans. We got ours in this term so as we can lessen the burden of the preparation. We were fully paid four months before the wedding.

 Souvenir and  Invitations

  Look around for giveaways and invitations for your guest, entourage, and principal sponsors

 Make up Artist

   Look around and get their packages.

 Ask confirmation from your entourage if they can be part of the wedding.

Fifth, Sixth, Seventh Month

Just Relax, save your energy and this is an opportunity to make more money

Evaluate the quotations that you got and make decision on which you want to get for your wedding.

 Eight Month:

Prepare the Documents needed by the Church

 Call preferred suppliers: 



                   Make up artist

                   Wedding Ring (if you haven’t got one yet)

Ninth Month:

      – Measurement of Couturier for the bride’s gown, groom’s wardrobe and the whole entourage

     –         Finalize the souvenir

    –         Mock up invitations

 Tenth Month

Final printing of the invitations

First fitting of the gown of the bride and the entourage. The entourage can already bring home their gown if no more adjustment

Meet up of the parents of the bride and groom. It can be at the bride’s home.

  Eleventh Month

Final fitting of the bride’s gown

Make sure that there is no problem on the entourage gowns.

Distribution of the Invitation

Final meeting with the reception coordinator

          –         cake

          –          dove

         –         Wine

         –         Color motif has been followed

         –         Check if they have the correct menu

Final payment for the flowers

Final payment for the church

Make sure, you have the wedding ring

If you have an on-the-day coordinator, this is the best time to meet and turn over the details of your wedding.

Prepare a checklist of all the paraphernalia that will be needed for the big day.

Twelfth Month

A week before, prepare an envelope for each supplier that I have to pay after the wedding. Then ask someone to be in charge on this. I ask my eldest sister to do this for me.  I make sure that an acknowledgement receipt is attached to each envelope. Just to make sure that my sister got the name of the person who received the payment.

Make sure that I pamper myself with a massage a week before the wedding and had manicure and pedicure two days before and enjoy my big day hassle free.


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