Job Hunt Tool Kit VI: Putting a Face On Your Hunting

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Job Hunt Tool Kit- Seeing the Face

Remember who you are working for especially  when you are unemployed.

Years ago I was in the staffing business, placing applicants in jobs through temp agencies… and I had a great boss named  Bob.  He was a career guy in a line of work that normally chews and spits out its top managers.  I asked him why he chose staffing for his job and he told me something that has helped me ever since. 

“George, my job is being a father and a husband, staffing is how I afford my job.  He spoke further that when times get tough to look at the persons involved in the problem and “picture your child’s face on their body… they will help you feed your child tonight. ”

So when hunting, its important to have something bigger than a paycheck to get up your energy for the job hunt. Just think of the persons, places or things that you know will gain from your getting the job you’re looking for.

Fix that image: a person you want to do something special for; a child you will feed from your earnings; places, like an apartment you want to move to or a vacation place you would go to if you had a paycheck.

 Hey, I do not mean to promote rampant materialism, but maybe you will feel a little deeper motivation if you keep your eyes on your personal prize.

 Got that image (or two or three) in mind? Now fix it as you look for someone smart enough to hire you. The images help you in meeting strangers you are yet to find in the job hunt.

 Remember, a person smart enough to hire you for your next job is out there, right now, making herself a sandwich or checking his hair in the mirror. And that person is a key to getting your image made real.

Putting It Into Practice:

Write a list of employers who areconsidering hiring you, including names of those who make the hiring decisions in each one.

 To the side of each name draw a picture of the image you have that motivates you (no points off for odd or funky drawings). Have some fun with this and keep this list close by as you work search. That person or group stands right now between you and that image – so go get them.


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