Computers: how to care for your computer and increase performance

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Computers need to be care for on a daily basis so that it can work faster without crashing. You do have to care for your computer if you want the best results from it.  A computer can freeze, slows down, crash, or die if there’re problems that are left un-fixed. You should remove all virus and bad data that could hurt the performance of your computer. You should delete unwanted files or applications on your computer to free up disk space.

If you use the internet then you might have picked up files that you don’t know. You can remove these files by installing a free program like ad-aware lavas oft and clean up all the virus and bad files. It’ll do a free scan and remove all items for you. You computer performance will be faster after you remove problems. There can be applications that are on your system to track your surfing habits. You can remove these with ad-aware too. It’s free online and you can download it. Your computer will be much faster if you remove all of it. If you visit website and clicks on things you might have click on installation that could be attached to your system. I did a cleaning and my computer had so many files that picked up while I was surfing the net. It removed all of my bad files like bugs and my computer was faster again. You should install anti-virus software to battle against virus while you surf the net. The anti-virus could be free online.

Once in awhile, you should clear your laptops of all dust and dirt. Too much dust and dirt in the back side could interfere with electrical functions. You should never drop liquid onto your keyboard or pc because it’ll damage your electrical functions. You should keep your laptop at normal room temperature and avoid heat. The heat will cause your computer to slow down or freezes. You should never set it on dust or dirt either. You should keep it away from kids because they can spill liquid into it. You should un-install all programs that are old and you don’t use it. Too many applications like games and software will cause your pc to slow down. You should clean up your computer once in awhile. You should turn off your computer often to remove things. Once you restart it, programs will start fresh and things can be deleted. One of the most important things to keep your computer safe and fast is to install an anti-virus program and update it often.



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