An Effective Prayer for Income from Writing

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I’ve already written an article about Effective Prayer, (see How to Pray Effectively) which I recommend if you want to try your hand at using Spiritual Mind Treatment to change your life. Here, I apply the method to create a prayer for myself and any one who writes articles online. Remember that this kind of prayer is written in the first person, present tense, take it within you as you read it.

There is only One Power in the Universe, which I call “God” or “Spirit” or “Love.” This is the Truth, and I accept this unconditionally. Understanding that God is All There Is, I realize that I must be part of God, since I cannot be separate from All There Is. As a drop is to the ocean, so am I to God. As a drop of ocean water is indeed ocean in microcosm, thus I the individual am also God in microcosm. God and I are One.

With this understanding that God is in me, acting through me and as me, I realize that all my needs are in the hands of God right now. There is no lack, there can never be lack in All There Is. Each person who seeks information on the internet, is equally a manifestation of God, the One Power. Thus am I connected to every seeker of information and every seeker is connected to me. What is being sought is already available and the blessed search engines work in accordance with the Divine to bring each seeker to the absolutely best information for that individual. My own writings, which are written in love and generosity, which add value to the store of knowledge that is on the web, are the perfect result for these perfect seekers. I give my knowledge freely and lovingly for the good of all, and I am generously rewarded for this service. The Universe is in harmony and the internet reflects this harmony in microcosm. I give and I receive abundantly. I surrender to this truth, releasing any resistance. I accept that this is an accurate description of how this system works, and I allow it to work perfectly for me and through me.

My heart is full of sincere gratitude that I am able to give my knowledge to others so easily. I am deeply grateful for those who seek and find my writings, and to the blessed site which publishes my works and generously pays me for my contribution. What a wonderful way for all to prosper and be rewarded! I feel great relief and thankfulness knowing that I am part of this Divine Flow of information.

With gratitude and complete confidence in the power of this prayer, I release my word into the Law. I know that “it is done as you believe” and I truly believe that the Universe has a perfect system in online publishing. Believing so, it must be done! And so, it is.



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