There are so many different way’s of correcting our children.

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                   There are several different way’s , that we as parent’s use to correct our children, there are sometimes that i even do it. I am going to admit that i do correct my children, but there is a limit to certain extent and how we do it. For one thing i do not yell, nor spank my children, even though i had gotten a share of spankin’s as i was growing up. I did get my share of beatings from my dad, and that it’s a wonder that i still have a buttock to this day, but i do, my mom would get a green switch off the tree outside boy those really hurt badly. There would be some times that i needed it but there was other times that i did not need it. Well anyway, my brother and myself made a vow that we would not treat our children the way that we was treated if you all know what i mean. There is one thing and that is i do not believe on spakin the children because that we as parent’s can often times let anger get away from us.

                          The thing that i do not agree is that if a child has any form of a disability they do not derseve a spankin matter of fact they all don’t deserve a spankin. I have one child that has ad/hd and the best thing to correcting him is taking his favorite toy or some sort, video games away from him for a day. But, i do sit him down and talk to him for what he had done and that to let him know why, he is getting his favorite toy or games taking away from him or he would sit down [ time-out], according to his age. Well i do it to all the children, but before doing it, i would sit down with them and ask them why they had done it and to explain to them why they are going to get time-out for. That really makes them want to cry and to start throwing fits and that’s when you leave them alone and when they ask to get out og time-out, i would tell them not until they be quite thats when thier time-out starts. So there are other ways of correcting kid’s other than spakins expiecially when they have disabilities and that i have learn alot to as a dad and patience to which i normally do not have but i do now and that i have learn to .


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