Absorption of Tablets

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Unfortunately, pills are not always fully digested in the stomach. Sometimes only partially digested when it goes through the digestive system, which consists of a portion of their power from the cells. In fact, the advice of a doctor, a highly respected reference work, once pointed out that the intake of vitamins can be as low as 10%. This means that only very few are actually available nutrients for the body and cells.

However, vitamins and minerals in liquid can be added by the body of the cells at a rate much higher. As high as 95%. The fluid is easily digested and passed through the digestive tract of tablets. Moreover, the absorption of liquid vitamins for the language and the language. This sublingual delivery helps to get the benefits of the diet of the cells much faster.

How does it work? Take the example of nitroglycerin. Nitroglycerin is effective in the fight against angina pain associated with heart disease. An effective means to ensure nitroglycerin under the tongue is at the first sign of pain in the chest. Is the delivery of sublingual nitroglycerin in the blood and pain in the chest much faster than if it recorded, digested and absorbed into the bloodstream through the digestive system.

Even vitamins and minerals from the blood cells quicker and in the form of liquid or spray. For example, vitamin B-12 is an essential vitamin, but as we age, we must lose the secretions of the stomach to digest and absorb the vitamin through the normal process of digestion. The solution is to provide vitamin B-12 or a spray or sublingual form. In this way, the power of the vitamin is rapidly on the cells and the digestive system is bypassed.


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