MyBrute Best Fighting Game

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You just create a brute and let him fight it out with other brutes. No input at all, it’s the luck of the draw (inspired by insect dueling apparantly). There are tournemounts to enter which play out whether you’re there or not. No prizes, it’s all good harmless fun and no need to register any details (only a password if you want to reserve your brutes name).

The trick to quick levelling is to build up a good community and help each other out by giving deciples, so lets get all the losties involved. Could make a Lost clan when there are enough of us smile2.gif

There is much to discover here! Each Brute has 28 different skills to learn, 3 pets and 26 weapons to fight with. The MyBrute wiki will help you find out a bit more the game’s features, learn new tactics and find hints for better battles.

There is a large variety of Weapons in My Brute, be sure you know them all!

The bear is a rare pet you can obtain by increasing your brute’s level.

You will be able to fight against other Brutes in the arena and recruit new pupils. Gain experience and fight tough in the ranking to become… THE BRUTE!

You only get 3 fights a day and you don’t actually control your character or any aspect of anything really. You just challenge other people and give your links so others can challenge you. The characters attack each other and randomly take out weapons/pets. I thought it’s a very amusing little game and if you’re bored but not idle enough to dedicate your time to a specific task, this seems to be some good fun. If anyone likes the game, put your link up and let’s battle it out in a way that we can’t in this forum!


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