Kindle 2: Is The Hype True?

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The Kindle 2 was release in February, 2009. This is a sequel to the first version and I must say that it does look a lot nicer than the original. I had always wanted this product since I first heard of it. I do have the pleasure of owning the second version of the Kindle and to be honest, I am glad I waited as this version seems to be less bulky than the original.

The kindle 2, is a thin sleek electronic reader that takes advantage of electronic ink displays. Some other key features of this device other than being thin and sleek are:

Lightweight – a little over ten ounces

Wireless – If you live in the United States, you do have access to the wireless network to getting your books. If you do live in the United States, it only takes less than one minute to get the book downloaded to y our kindle. If you live out of United States and are not able to get your books this way, you will have to download your books to your computer and then you would have to transfer it to you kindle from there.

Holds about 1,500 books – that is plenty of room to hold most of your books. I think that will take a while to fill up.

Some things that I really do like about this product is that it is very thin which is nice and that I can change the font size. I think this is perfect for people whom need to have text big. It’s also great for people whom love to read. If you are a person whom sits on the computer a lot and you have room on your desk, there is no reason that you will not read from it.

I really have not even found anything wrong with it. I have heard some people complaining about the kindle. The main complaint that I have heard is that it is expensive, but I have to admit that it is well worth the price that I had spent was worth it. Anything electronic, you have to expect it not to be cheap. I have tried reading books on my computer, but it didn’t work for me. I have found that I could sit at my desk or bed and just read from the kindle.

Some of the advantages I have to say is that I don’t have to worry about losing books as there are books that I have had read and want to read over, but cannot find. You don’t have to worry about books being out of stock as they will always be available to you.

It has been said that books will be cheaper than the other version. That is not always true. For some it is and yet others, there is no difference between print and kindle version. I had heard with the original that it did come with a cover. This version, you do have to buy your own
cover which is fine as you can pick what you want.

Don’t let the price scare you away from buying the kindle. I know that it is an expensive decision to make, but still it is cheaper than a computer. If there is something wrong with you kindle, all you have to do is contact amazon, and they will try to help you.


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