Mother Daughter or Daughter Mother

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My daughter, Mary, was pregnant with her fourth child. I was, at the time, living with her and her husband and their three other children. I was my delight to be in a position to care for the newborn when he arrived – Justin – on July 29, 1999. He was my main charge. Mary had retained a position at the Medical Center and would be working full time, Bob, her husband also worked full time as a minister in our church.

My husband had passed away many years before and when a friend at church asked me out to dinner, to celebrate my birthday, I gladly accepted. I had a wonderful evening of good conversation and excellent food. We literally spent hours in conversation getting to know each other.

When Al, his name, took me home we sat and talked some more in the car, parked in front of the house. As we sat there talking I noticed the curtains, on the front window, constantly moving. I thought it was one of the children playing as they usually do. However, about 30 minutes later, I went into the house and was immediately put upon by Mary. What was I doing in the car?. Why didn’t I come into the house right away and why was I so late getting home? I was shocked into silence and couldn’t answer…..then , without meaning to, I burst out laughing and what does my daughter say….”It’s not funny” and I could swear she was about to send me to my room, before she caught herself. She was actually furious.

Talk about reversal of rolls! I remembered then, what it was like when she went out and how angry I would get, because of how worried I was. If she didn’t let me know she was going to be late: my mind imagined all sorts of things. All mothers, especially of daughters, understand. However, she was a teen and I am an adult or am I missing something here?


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