Digging Puppies – Is Your Garden At Risk From This Puppy Behavior?

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If digging puppies are constantly working in your garden, you need an answer to this dog behavior problem before it gets any worse.  To stop dog digging, you need to figure out why he’s digging in the first place.

Digging Is A Normal Puppy Behavior

All canines have an instinct to dig.  In the wild, they dig holes for dens.  A den provides protection from the weather, along with shelter for their offspring.  The pack also buries food, both to preserve it, and also to keep it from being eaten by other animals.

Terriers, retrievers, and hounds were bred to dig out game that tunneled into the ground to get away from hunters.  Although any canine will dig, you often stop dog digging problems before they happen by choosing your breed carefully before adopting your new pet.

How To Stop A Digging Puppy

The best way to stop puppy digging is to keep your new pet occupied.  A bored dog is the most common reason for many dog behavior problems.  By giving him lots to do, you can often nip these behaviors in the bud.

You may be shocked to learn that your pup needs at least an hour and a half of exercise every day.  Just putting him out in the yard isn’t enough.  Canines are social animals who need to explore their surroundings.  A long walk in the morning and another in the afternoon will satisfy his curiosity and stimulate his mind, as well as burn off excess energy.  Exposing him to new people and other pups may help prevent excessive barking as well.

Set aside a place in your yard for him to dig.  Keep the soil loose and inviting for him.  When you catch him in the act of digging in your garden, clap your hands loudly to get his attention, and say “no” in a deep, growly tone.  Redirect him to his own digging area, and praise him when he digs there.  Be consistent.  If you let him get away with digging someplace else even once in a while, you’ll never get him trained.  

Try burying an inflated balloon in places where he likes to dig.  When he digs, the balloon will pop in his face, which may be enough to discourage him.  Watering your plants with a mixture of chili powder and water, or spraying the plants with an aversive like bitter apple, may be enough to stop dog digging.

You may need to keep your digging puppy inside when you’re gone so that he can’t dig up the yard in your absence.

Spend Time Training Him Every Day

Your pup will benefit from regular training sessions every day.  You’d be amazed at what a difference just ten minutes a day will make in his behavior.  Keep the sessions short and fun.  Your pup loves learning new things, and he loves your attention, so always end on a positive note.  A good dog training course is invaluable so you can avoid accidentally teaching him bad dog habits.

Want to stop puppy digging?  By following this advice, you can bring this annoying puppy behavior under control.


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