The first signs of pregnancy

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The first signs of pregnancy

Women, especially the young ones, often ask them self if they are pregnant and which are the first signs, You might not know that you are pregnant until you miss a period and the doctor confirms it. Some women though can feel very early in the pregnancy that there is some new life inside their body.

All you need to do is pay a little more attention to the sings. As each pregnancy is different you can have all the symptoms or just a few.

* Delayed or missed menstrual cycle
Usually this is the moment women start to suspect that they might be waiting for a baby. If you are pregnant the menstruation should not exist any more but some women do have some light bleeding in that period. This can be confusing.

Also the menstruation can delay because of some other medical reasons such as hormonal problems.

* Swollen/Tender Breasts
The breasts become more sensitive, swollen and tender. They can give you one of the earliest pregnancy alarm. The pain is very similar with the one around the menstruation time that why you have to know your body very well. The difference is that in case of a pregnancy it’s a lot more intense.

* Urinating
If you have to urinate more often than usually, sometimes also during the night you can begin to suspect that you are going to be a mother.

* Tiredness
A lot of changes have place inside your body there for you will be tired most of the time. If normally you are a very active woman now your wish will be to sleep all day long. The best thing you can do is rest when ever you have the chance.

* Morning Sickness
The morning sickness appears from the second month of pregnancy. By now you should know that you are pregnant. Approximately 50% of the women have this symptom. The sickness can appear in any time of the day not just in the mornings.

* Backaches
Backaches in the lower part are common from the first month the birth.

* Headaches
Because of all the hormonal changes you might have headaches at the beginning of the pregnancy.

* Food Cravings
Now is the time to spoil yourself! Your appetite will be bigger than normally and you might dream at all kind of goodies. It is not time for diets, the baby needs you to eat good!

* Constipation
Constipation is another early symptom in pregnancy. Your body goes through a lot of changes so don’t be surprised if you will have to deal with this too. It will be all worth it!


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