How to create the future you want

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Putting a Goal in your Future

This is and excellent way of setting your unconscious to accomplish things. It is the time line technique of putting a goal into your future. 

Start by setting up the goal. Do this using the Well Formed Outcome process described in another blog. Make sure that the goal is something that moves you towards something positive, that you really want and is in line with your values and beliefs. Things that you are moving away from, problems, or are negative are not very good because the solutions tend to be more risky, hurried and not really well thought out. If you have something like this turn it round to the positive. So “I don´t want my job” could become “I want my job to be better”, “I want a better job”, “I want a different job”, or “I want a new job” etc. This is really important because you brain filters will start working on what you do want instead of noticing all the things that are bad or going against you.

Now, when you are happy that your goal has been correctly defined, imagine that your goal has been achieved and make a mental picture of yourself having achieved it and notice the way you feel about having got what you wanted. Make the picture animated (one easy way of doing this is to pretend that you are “blowing life” into it). Keep this picture in mind and then imagine that your future is represented by a line that stretches out in front of you . When you have the image in mind, imagine that you are floating above the line and move above the line into the future, and as you move along notice when you come to a point that seems appropriate for the goal to be achieved and pretend that you are dropping the picture of the goal down into the time line. You may also see some interesting changes occur to the way the time line looks. When you have done this travel back to the position on the time line that represents “now” and return to normal.
That´s it – it´s done! Over the coming weeks and months your unconscious will start to notice lots of new things that will help you towards the goal and you can be pleasantly surprised when you notice that you´ve got it!!


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