Three Worst Killer Flu Pandemics In History

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Pandemic flu is a deadly and contagious flu strain. The flu pandemic usually emerges every few decades, and none of us can even predict its outbreak and how bad it could be. Medical professionals, researchers as well as the scientists are issuing their concerns and alarms. The flu pandemic is a new flu virus which is coming on its way. It’s inevitable. It may strike human tomorrow, next year or many years from now. No one could tell you exactly WHEN it’s coming.

Pandemic flu is not similar to seasonal flu as it could potentially kill many lives and may even make many feeling very sick worldwide. In the worst-case scenario, many lives have been taken, hospitalized and some may have been treated as outpatients.

The flu viruses undergo a big change every few decades via a process called antigenic drift which results in a completely new flu strain. The predominant strain called A (H3N2) Fujian is slightly different from the A (H3N2) Panama that emerged in 2000-2001. Since there’re over hundreds of possible strains of flu virus, and thus getting the flu once doesn’t guarantee you from not getting it again. This is because the human immune system has no pre-existing immunity towards a newly created flu strain. Due to this reason, the virus can make people who are contacted with pandemic influenza feeling sick or may experience more serious disease.


Spanish flu (Spanish influenza, La Grippe or 1918 flu pandemic) is the worst pandemic in human history that was reported to kill 20-100 million lives worldwide. It killed as many as 25 million lives in its first 25 weeks and 50 million lives in just a few months. It’s been regarded as one of the most devastating infections that caused a huge death toll worldwide and half a million deaths in the United States alone.


Avian influenza virus was first confined to Southeast Asia, and it’s seemed as an inevitable flu pandemic. The highly pathogenic H151 avian influenza flu re-occurred in Asia in 2003 and later it raged frantically to over 50 countries. This virus is scary as it could mutate and spread across the world, threatening to turn into a human flu pandemic. 


Swine flu (also called swine influenza) is a respiratory disease among the pig populations caused by A influenza virus, in which its outbreak normally occurs in the colder weather months (late fall and winter). In 1930 in the United States, an influenza type A H1N1 virus has been known to circulate among pigs. The current swine flu H3N2 viruses are closely associated with human H3N2 viruses.

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Final Remark

The threat of pandemic flu is unimaginable and it could affect anyone of your family member, friends, relatives or any individuals from other parts of the world. It’s not only a government effort, but it’s a personal effort to take appropriate precautionary steps to fight against this deadly flu virus. Therefore, everyone needs to participate in preparedness planning. If we’re badly prepared, the threat will be much larger.

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