Knowing Your Limitations As Human

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It sounds very funny when I hear people say they will achieve and accomplish this and that project within so-so and so time frame. What amuses me is the fact that they are taking the place of God in their lives. They have succeeded in pushing God out of their lives and have by implication taken over God’s responsibilities by them.

The Bible has made it clear that we should make recourse to God in everything we are doing in life by saying this simple line….”by His grace, I can do this and do that.”

We are human even though God on the day of creation gave us the power to accomplish everything we set our hearts to do, but is has become fashionable for people not to believe in God at all how much more acknowledge them in their daily existence.

It is only when that project or dream has run into hiccups and challenges that we recognise God’s ability and strength to change things for good for us. Why not give Him the honour of planting such dream in your mind in the first place so that when you take off, you’ll have Him with you throughout the duration of the project?

Remembering to acknowledge Him in all that you do gives Him joy and causes His hands to plant better approaches to making that project or dream of yours a success.

You are human when you recognise God as the Supreme Being while you have supplanted Him when you refuse Him His honour. This is not the right approach to God in getting untold favours from Him. Learn to be humble before Him in all that you do and He will take you to that next level you have always dreamed of.


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