How to Make People View Your Articles?

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How to make people view your articles?

One of the major questions we encounter here in Triond/bukisa is how to increase the number of views of our articles? How can we let people view our works? Below are my own suggestions/strategies in solving these problems. These suggestions are based on my personal experience and I proved it to be effective.

I usually join different types of forums and discussions available online like mylot, younoodle, etc. By this we can advertised our articles and a one way to invite peoples in joining your network. In the forum we can also put links to our articles. When you are very active in joining these forums you can attain your goal to increase the traffic to our articles.

It is also helpful to join social networks like friendster, facebook, myspace, and multiply because by this we can post our own links. We can use these networks to make our site more popular. If you are active in these, it is nice to add more friends because as you increased the number of friends you will also increasing the number your viewers. I also add Triond widgets to my blogs by this the reader can see my articles and have a greater chance that they will view our articles. Some of the reader’s are curious enough so they keep on viewing our articles.

Face to face invitation is also advisable because by this you can create a very strong foundation especially when you are very good in sales talk. Don’t forget to say all the benefits we can get in Triond/bukisa. Personal experience can be a useful tool in acquiring the attentions of others. And lastly, add your links in your articles like the one below. You can also have your own strategy and it is better to share it to others.

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