People's Top Five Websites

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People’s Top Five Websites

Hi friends, what’s your five top websites and why? The first one i like is youtube
and way I like it is every time i search for something I always find it i love music so I spend hours listing on youtube. Number 2 is mylot before this it was yahoo answers I changed to mylot because of the money and a more enjoyable place to be. Number 3 is a site called Justin TV its a place where you can watch webcams people post up like movies and stuff great site for chilling out. Number 4 is ipod-lounge I buy lots of mp4 movies there for my ipod. And number 5 is Google search
i spend lots of time there looking up new websites like info sites to learn stuff or if I need to find out sometime. So my friends how about yours, what’s yours and way.


My favorite site at the moment would have to be mylot, followed closely by youtube, I could spend hours on YouTube and never get bored. Then it would be Ebay and Amazon, some really great deals on there. Then of course I would have to agree with you, Google is one site no one can live without these days


Well the first site that I open when I logged on the net is tadaaa. Yes that has to be number one then id go over my mails on gmail, then hitlion, as there are some friends I chat there multiply, check blog updates of friends I have youtube account too. but I prefer megavideo, they have videos there of foreign TV shows that I watched and they got captions. Mylot is always open in another tab, as when I see in my mail I got responses I go here right away.


my favorite sites are google, facebook, mylot, youtube, and ebay or, the reson for google is because it is my favorite search site, facebook because it is my favorite talking and socializing site, mylot because of the fact that i get to make money, youtube because it is my favorite viral video place and the rest because of the fact that I just like them.


My favorite site is probably live journal because it’s not the place where I have my blog. But I also have to check out what my friends list wrote, and look up the latest news of my fandoms in the communities. I probably spend the most time on live journal. Because it’s kind of my second home. Then comes probably which is a German community about anime/manga/japanese culture. I am not really into anime and mangas anymore but I have to check out my profile, guest book entries, the board and such things. Then probably youtube. I am not watching that much clips and no music clips at all anymore because in our country there is kind of a strike right now. so they block all PVs. But it’s really good place when you are bored.

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