How to defeat the Thextera in Final Fantasy XII

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The Thextera is the second mark hunt you will get in the game, just after the Rogue Tomato.

The Thextera is a Rank I mark that has been posted by Gatsly, who can be found in the Sandsea Tavern in Rabanastre. It can be found in the Dalmasca Westersands, specifically in the Galtea Downs area. When you enter the Westersands, just follow the wall on the left hand side until you find the Thextera – it shouldn’t take too long.

You have the possiblity of stealing one of three things from the Thextera – Pebble, Potion, or Wolf Pelt.

This fight is significantly harder than the Rogue Tomato hunt, so don’t get overconfident if you found it easy to defeat the Rogue Tomato. First of all, the Thextera has help from other wolves, so you could find yourself getting battered by another couple of wolves before you can even start on the Thextera. Because of this, I recommend that you only attempt this mark hunt when you get to around Level 4 or 5.

Before the fight, make sure that you stock up on potions and antidotes – you’re going to need them. Try to always keep your HP (health points) above 100, just to be on the safe side – the Thextera has a very strong “Lunge” attack, and I’ve had this do up to 60HP damage to me, and then if you haven’t got rid of the other wolves already, they’ll attack before you can heal yourself, and you’re dead. Other than that, the Thextera will do about 20HP damage with each hit, if you’ve got the default armour.

So it’s very important that you kill off the other wolves first, before going for the Thextera. Once you’ve done that, you can start on the Thextera itself. If you get poisoned by one of its attacks, use an antidote to cure this. The Thextera actually attacks faster than you do, so be careful of this. If you need to heal, start running away because otherwise the Thextera will attack you again before you can do this. In fact, it might be a good idea to run around until your attack timer bar has filled up.

When the Thextera gets down into critical HP, it will “Cry For Help” – basically, it will summon more wolves to help it. So just get rid of these wolves and then go back and focus on the Thextera again. Just use potions/Cure and antidotes when necessary, and you should get through the fight without too many difficulties. If you’ve got the spell, I think you can stop it summoning the wolves by using Silence.

The other option with this fight is to wait until you have Penelo in your party. With her on your side, this fight becomes much easier. Just follow the same advice as if you were alone, but the Thextera will go down a lot quicker. However, you’ve got to make sure Penelo stays alive too, but that isn’t too hard as she will generally use a potion on herself when necessary.

When you’ve defeated the Thextera, go back to Gatsly in the Sandsea and get your reward of 500 gil, Headguard, and a Teleport Stone.


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