Common Reaction – Uh Huh Her

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Uh Huh Her is an Indie Electropop band that was formed in January 2007 and released their first EP on July 24, 2007. The band’s name was inspired by an album from artist PJ Harvey, titled “Uh Huh Her”. The Band based by two women, there are Leisha Hailey and Camila gray. Leisha Hailey previous member of the band is “the Murmurs and Gush, “even as she had to play Alice Pieszecki in “The L word”. While Camila Gray than as a singer, and before Uh Huh Her, she was the bass/synth player for lo-fi indie rock band Mellowdrone. He was also as a producer and instrumental artist. And the other member of band are Josh Kane (Drums),Mark Noseworthy(Guitar),Alicia Warrington(Drums),Jordan Medina(Drums), Jacques Brautbar (Guitar),Brad Ackley(Guitar)

That’s just a little information about the band. Now i wanna share my pleasure when i bought their album, “Common Reaction”. This album consist 11 songs, and every track is all very worthy to be heard. But honestly, i am very addicted listening to the 3th track. Their vocal feel very strong followed by a soft boom of bass. And the sounds of instrumental that played by Camila always comforting my feeling.
I really..really love this band. It’s girl power!!!

There is the whole track in the album :
01. Not A Love Song 3:33
02. Explode 2:50
03. Wait Another Day 4:01
04. Common Reaction 4:01
05. Say So 3:29
06. Covered 3:54
07. Everyone 3:37
08. Away From Here 3:22
09. So Long 2:42
10. Dance With Me 3:02
11. Dreamer 3:53


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