Are Your Really Going To Buy Mirena Online?

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I have had my Mirena IUC for almost 2 years now. There was a rocky start with it including extremely painful insertion, weeks and weeks of spotting, occasional cramping, and difficulties during sex in the first few months. Not that all of that is behind me, and the only side effects I notice is weight gain and tender breasts, I am now happy to have made the choice to get the mirena IUC.

My Mirena IUC was purchased by my doctors office and submitted to my insurance company. The only time I even saw the packaging was moments before it was opened and inserted by my ob/gyn. I wrote an article about my mirena experiences and have left the comments open for any women to share her own mirena story.

I will recommended Mirena to any women that is looking for long term birth control if she has already had at least one child, but never could I tell a friend or aquatence that if they can not afford Mirena or if their insurances does not cover it that they should buy Mirena online.

If you are in the United States, the only place you should go to get Mirena is your doctors office. Yes, it is costly and if money is an issue you may want to consider other options, but Mirena isn’t just a OTC type of drug. It is an actual medical device that is inserted into your uterus and only should be down by a trained doctor or medical health provider. If you are considering going to an online pharmacy to buy mirena online, you will want to first check with your doctor to see if they will even be willing to do the procedure with a Mirena device purchased outside of their offices.

A women should never purchase Mirena under the assumption that she will be able to insert it on her own or with the help of her spouse. It is not only a painful procedure, but it is one that can cause great damage to the repoductive organs if not done correctly.

To learn more about Mirena from actual women’s experiences. Go here: Mirena


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