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Well hunny when I got relaxed from my job and reached my destination at home and feel my self really comfortable after that when I laid my ass on my bed for rest I suddenly start thinking about you so many question arises in my mind at that time And I answered my self own then I decide to write down that all stuff on a paper. I took my pan and start writing on it. Now the very first thing is that in past I had never interested in net suffering but from last two or three days I just Started this when very first time I logged in to a friend finder site and start chatting with different peoples what I observe there in these tree days. Very first day I got two girls and luckily both belongs to Ghana. 2nd day I got one girl From Philippine and 3rd day I got another girl from Ghana. What I observe from their chats is all that both girls were using the site in wrong direction. You know why because it is a friend finder site as the name clearly showing that Searching for friends but them both was searching money there they just demanding things to other. I my self
Never demand any thing to any strange and feel very proud on it and also I am very thanks full of my God for that. Look my dear friend. I am just looking for sincere and loyal friends for long-term relationship. And also we all know that true friend never left you in middle I am not going to leave you. Well dear you want to earn money me too
Want to earn every one’s want to earn more and more let’s come together and help each other to resolve our problems for Example you want to earn ok so here is one web site through which you can make money for your living Checked it out. Now what happened here I have share it to you might it will help you to resolve your problem and if it does So you share it to others and if you have any other idea’s you can share it to me may it will be helpful for me. In simple words sharing is best way to come over on so many problems 1+1 is make 2 but it also make 11 eleven mean we feel our self Stronger. The way you using to earn money I don’t think its work be sincere with friends. Friends are treasure they make you more Enough strong than to be a single help other hunny to be helpful; never demands things to other always pray to God that May God give me so much strength to be helpful for others not a helpless? That all I have to say to you hunny know I don’t know what would you going to do may you leave me in middle or may you move with me but any way I’ll remember you in my prays Honestly.


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