Origins Of The Acai Berry

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The western world didn’t just discover the acai berry and recognize its many uses on their own. It is just one of thousands of foods that have been in use for centuries and are just now being accepted into western culture as the desire to seek out more natural health sources grows. In actuality, the acai berry has been around for thousands of years and has been used just as long for the same healthful purposes that they are being sold and distributed for today. In fact, research shows that the origins of the acai berry was first in use as a healthful fruit to promote good health by tribes in the Amazon jungle

The amazonian Shuar tribes for example were actively using acai and other fruits found in the rain forest for their medicinal benefits for centuries, passing down the knowledge of the  acai berry benefits from one generation to the next.

The acai berry is a palm fruit. It grows from a palm that reaches as much as 25 meters high and hangs from the palm in clusters from the branches. In the past, the tribes men would climb these tall palms and cut off the acai clusters. The acai berry is only good within the first 24 hours so early consumption was necessary. Now of course, the much sought after acai berry benefits have become quite popular in the western countries and once cut from the tall trees it is neccesary to either be freeze dried or made into a liquid extract to preserve its powerful medicinal proprieties until it reaches the comsumer.


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