Choosing Perennials for your Garden

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There are many flowers to choose from to plant in your garden. Some basic factors to consider are the color, size, and different styles of leaves you would like. More important factors are which plants can be grown in your region, which dwell well in the sunlight, and which are better situated in the shades. You can look for this information on the plant tags or ask the staff at the local store or nursery when going to buy your perennials.

Perennials are plants that will last for more than two years rather than bloom annual like annuals. Perennials start blooming during spring and summertime and wither every fall and winter. This cycle starts again the next year.

At your local store or at the nursery, pick the perennial that is just beginning to bud rather than the one in full bloom so that they can bloom in your garden and last longer rather than die out quickly after being planted. You can also buy a packet of seeds which is cheaper than buying a single plant, but seed are more difficult to grow and will take a longer amount of time to reach its full size. Be sure to store the containers in a shaded area and water often in the situation that you are unable to plant them right away.

Most Perennials flower up to four weeks each season. Be sure to check for the Perennial’s bloom time which is usually provided on the plant’s tag. This way you can shop for an array of flowers that will bloom at different intervals so that you can ensure your garden will always have blooming flowers.


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