Learn about Homeschooling and Working at Home

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Many women enjoy the challenge of being a work at home mom while homeschooling simultaneously.  This is like having three jobs at once, because being a mother is already a full time job!  To a select few, the joy of staying at home with your kids and influencing their education directly is worth the long hours and often thankless effort.  If you are one of these mothers, I salute you and have a few tried and tested ideas on how to do both well.

Schedule, schedule, schedule!  I’m a big advocate for scheduling.  Although life can be unpredictable at times, most days require the same tasks over and over again.  The simplest way to maximize your time is to outline your day.  Begin with a skeletal schedule of your must-do tasks.  From there, figure out what to do at certain times.  Start at the beginning of your day:
6am- wake up, start preparing breakfast, create daily to-do list 7am- wake up kids, eat breakfast 8am- begin schooling 12pm- lunch 1pm- private study or playtime for kids, begin working 3pm- nap time for kids, break time for mom 4pm- back to work 6pm- dinnertime

Your schedule will vary, but the point of the above outline is to show that your schedule doesn’t have to be down-to-the-minute rigid.  You’re a mom, not a militant.  A structure gives us a good idea of how we spend our time, and how to maximize our lives.  There are not enough hours in the day to do everything you want to do, but if you create a schedule that you can work within, you’ll definitely get the majority done.  Remember to stay present in the moment of whatever you’re doing.  When you’re homeschooling, try to stay away from checking your email or other work-related activities.  When you give everything you have to that moment, you’ll never be disappointed with the time spent.


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