unbelievably easy recipies ~ Salsa baked Mahi Mahi

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How to Make Amazing Baked Fish

With this recipe anyone can make a delicious white fish entree’ that the whole family will love!

My husband HATES cooked fish because it “tastes fishy” but loves this for it’s mild zesty flavor

The first time I had this fish was at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas I was so excited about how good it tasted I had to ask the cook how it was made… Happily he gave me the recipe

Here is what you will need;

  • boneless White fish fillet
  • Teryaki sauce
  • diced scallons
  • chunky fresh salsa
  • aluminum foil


preheat oven to 350 degrees

Opps the cat got into my tinfoil again!!!
Place a sheet of aluminum foil into a pan large enough to hold fish, spray pam cooking spraymag-glass_10x10.gif on the shiny side of the piece of aluminum foil

Place fishmag-glass_10x10.gif in foil skin side down, pour teryaki sauce over fish using care to rub it into the flesh well. sprinkle with chopped scallions and fold foil over to loosely cover the fish.

Place the foil wrapped fish into your preheated oven and cook for a half an hour,

then take out of oven, open foil, cover with fresh chopped salsa and put back into the oven uncovered to continue to cook for another 15 minutes or until the fish is done. serve with the salsa on top, it really adds to the flavor and the color is festive.

  • The first time I tried this was with Mahi Mahi and I still think that this fish is the best to use but any large fillet of white fish will do nicely.
  • I usually serve this with a twice baked potatoe and Broccoli or other nice veggie.

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