How to Have a 100% Happy Life?

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How to have a 100% happy life?

Is there anyone here that can tell me they are 100% happy with there life? That you have no regrets? No dreams that never came true? No goals that you never managed to finished? Can anyone actually say that there is nothing more they want out of life, that they are completely content in every aspect of their life?

I’ve got the following responces:


I dont think anyone can HONESTLY say they are 100% happy…that would mean they have a completely perfect life on all levels and that just isnt possible..EVERYONE has SOMETHING in their life that ISNT perfect to one degree or another…


I have to agree that my life has fulfilled every dream, and even gone beyond my wildest dreams. I am 125% happy with my life. There is never a day goes by that I don’t say “Thank You, for everything!” I never had any wild aspirations as a young man starting out. I just wanted to be modestly successful. Farming has never been easy, and I worked in a factory (while still farming)for 20 years to get ahead. I did that, and when my Brother and Son began to keep honeybees as a Hobby. I saw an opportunity, and took it all the way. Now we are running 1200 colonies of honeybees, and producing thousands of lbs of honey each season. I still live and work with the bees in the summer,in Ontario Canada, and I own a mobile in South Texas where I live and play in the winter. Life has been very good to me and mine!


I am not 100 percent happy with my life because I still have a few dreams I want to achive and alot of problems to face. I can only say that I am 60 percent happy with my life. I also have a few regrets but I have learned from them and learned from my mystakes.


I am not 100% happy with my life, but I am thankful for that. If I never had to live through the struggles, I would never be able to learn to really appreciate the wonderful things/people that I have in my life.

I work very hard to never take my life for granted. The bad is just as important as the good. I have learned so much and from the things I have gone through in my life, and it has made me the person I am today. I like the person I am, and I cherish the life I have been able to build with my family. I would never wish to change my past because it would impact the life I have now and the person I am now. Don’t get me wrong, I would never wish to go back in time and go through a lot of the things I have gone through, but to say I regret certain events would be saying I regret the lessons they taught me. It would change the road I took to get me where I am today, and I would never trade my life in for “what might have been”.

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