Believing a Life's Miracle

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Believing a life’s miracle

I am in the middle of a lot of problems right now,financial problems that If only I could erase I would. No matter how hard I tried to solve it is just not enough to finish it. Right now, all I really hope is a miracle to come, to pay all my debts and be able to start anew.I’m daydreaming that someone would help me,lend me the money so that I could have my life back. Honestly now, my life is really a mess and the only hope that I have is to receive a miracle. How about you guys have you received

I dont believe in miracles of any kind…I think your best bet is to back up and look at your situation from a different angle.. There is ALWAYS a solution to our problems, sometimes several solutions actually… the key is to NOT get hung up on the issue but to be able to look at it from different angles AND to let go of our pride a little too…. I know that my husband will get totally bent out of shape if we need money for something and I end up selling some of my stuff..but the reality is, at that time we needed the money and its just stuff…his pride takes a hit when I’ve done things like that and it shouldnt… having the money was more important than keeping some of my belongings ya know..

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