How to fix a loose dental crown

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How to Fix a loose dental crown

It’s Friday after work and you bite into something only to find that you just lost your crown now what do you do? All is not lost and you don’t have to suffer till you can get to the dentist.

Look on the bright side… Well at least you didn’t’ accidentally swallow that dental crown!

It is after hours and you can’t call your dentist for an appointment till Monday morning.

What do you do???

Well I just went through having my crown come loose, and I almost did swallow it a couple of times today. At least I can put it back and have it stay as long as I don’t eat on that side. ..LOL

Go to your local Walgreens or other Pharmacy and look in the toothpaste isle. You will find about 4 different products that are designed to provide a temporary fix.

At My Walgreens I just paid $4.99 for a dental repair kit that consists of the adhesive and a little stylis.


For a loose crown. Remove the crown and carefully clean the crown and your tooth with a toothbrush. Remember to close the sink drain before doing this, you can easily drop the crown into the drain and what a chore that is… who wants to disassemble their sink pipes!

Take a pick or pointy knife and carefully remove all old broken tooth and old dental adhesive product from the inside of the crown.


Press the loose crown back on tooth to make sure it will still fit. If it does not fit and you can not bend it back into semi-shape then you are stuck and must wait till you can see your dentist. If it fits, remove it and lightly fill inside of crown with the Dentemp or other temporary dental adhesive material.


Press the loose crown back on the wet tooth. Be sure to  press firmly. Then bite down a few times to make sure that it is a comfortable fit. If any of the Dentemp or dental adhesive material has  leaked out of the sides of the crown you will want to clean it up and remove it. then you should rinse your mouth out well with water. chinese-food.jpg

Most dental repair kits require that you do not eat anything for at least 1 hour after applying.

  • Be sure to read the directions on the package. Some are a paste like Dentemp others are like an epoxy that needs to be mixed before applying.
  • Dentemp or other temporary dental adhesives are great for if you break a tooth and expose the nerve. Exposed nerves are extremely painful. With Dentemp or other temporary dental adhesives you can patch that painful spot so that you can get to the dentist.
  • This is a temporary fix only to buy you some time to get to your dentist.

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