Adding Elegance to a room: Painting Stripes on Walls

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With the economy as it is, it has put many home owners holding tight to a budget, while wanting to add to the equity and comforts of their home. Home maintenance takes a lot of time, energy and money but mastering a beautiful interior doesn’t have to drain your pockets if you just use your imagination! Every room in a house is unique and has stories to tell. So decorating and designing rooms should say something for themselves!

With so many ways to go, the look of most elegance in many rooms is striping. Additionally it opens up the look of rooms, and adds a touch of personal interest and reception. The look will inevitably invite questions and compliments! When considering a stripe decorum for a room, take the time to see the room and consider the room for its potential. Consider what colors you will be using. Browse the local paint store and consider shades that appeal to certain kinds of rooms, will you be painting stripes in a hall? Bedroom? One wall of your living room or entryway? Flat, gloss, or semi-gloss?

This painting project is by no means an easy job to undertake, and depending on the number of walls, you will be paint striping, you will be working on and the size of the room, this project could take days to complete! But the results will emulate a distinct touch of perfection that you will love to look at every time you walk in the room! It will take some time and planning, and a bit of patience but you’ll find the look well worth the work!

What You Will Need:

Enough Base Paint to cover all four walls

2-3 gallons of Paint for Striping

1-2 Large Rollers

1 Small Roller


Paint Tray

Plastic to cover furniture, floors

Small Paint Brush

2”- 2 ½” thick Painters Tape (Allow 3 rolls per wall)


Prepare room for painting. Clean walls and around woodwork. Protect paneling with tape and cover furniture and carpet. Once walls are clean and dry, paint 1-2 coats of base color to all walls. Allow 24-48 hours to dry.

On walls that you will be paint striping, stabilize your ladder and beginning at ceiling downward, apply painters tape gently but firmly to wall, side by side, in exact alignment. Cover all walls completely. Repeat this step, to any additional walls you plan to paint.

Now, remove layers of tape from wall you will be painting. Mix and prepare paint. Assure that tape that is yet adhered to walls does not have any tears, rips, or gaps to prevent bleeding into already covered wall. Patch any loose tape.

Using small roller and edger at the ceiling and near paneling apply first coat of paint to exposed wall. Allow to dry, before applying second coat. Wait a few hours for paint to dry to remove the remaining tape from wall. If any paint has dripped or leaked into the base paint, use a small brush to touch up the edges!


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