How to make money with the Internet

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samp2c0cd4490532e004.jpg With the economy today, many people are turning to the internet to make a second income. Some people are skeptical when it comes to making an income on the net. With that said, I am going to review several main streams of income that can be used to increase your income. I will be doing this as a series and will break them down one at a time in detailed form. For those that are interested in getting involved in these different streams, I will link each of the programs on each article for you to click on. The biggest avenue to making your stream of income is based off of having a personal blog that has been active for 90 days and typically has at least 30 articles in the last 90 days.

1) Google Adsense

The first stream that I would like to look at is Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a great tool that can be added to any personal blog. There are multiple avenues of creating revenue in Google Adsense. Lets break each down.

A) Adsense for Content

This is a created widget that you basically program yourself inside the Google Adsense setup. When you chose this function, it will allow you to create what ever size of banner that you would like to see on your page. The banner can be as small as 125 x 125 and as large as 728 x 90. You can chose from having just text ads to text and banner ads. Revenue is generated when a visitor comes to your page and clicks on the ad itself and visits the ad for a period of time.

B) Adsense for Search

This type of program allows for you to add a Google search bar to your page. Revenue is generated when a visitor comes to your page and uses the search bar to run a query. Once the query is ran, there will be some ads that appear as well as search links. The visitor has to click on one of the ads for revenue to be generated.

There are three other programs that Google Adsense offers to it’s users. I have yet to get into any of the other three and I do not want to give off the pretense as knowing about them when I do not. With that said, the ones that are listed here can you you a substantial amount of income if you get the traffic. The key here is to make sure that you are getting traffic to your blog. The rest will come.


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