Computer: how to speed up your computer

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When you’re using your computer, it’s best that you care for it properly so that you can have it working the next time you need it. Life can be tough when your PC doesn’t work or if it’s too slow. If you don’t have a laptop you should get it so you can get free internet connections at least. If your computer is too old, you might need a new computer since the old pc could be damaged or too used. You need to update your laptops or pc once in awhile because they have many new features that are useful nowadays.

If you want to speed up your computer, you can free disk space from your computer. This means deleting files that you don’t need. Photos take up a lot of disk space so you should delete photos when you don’t need it. You should delete any documents that you don’t use. You should always shut down your computer properly by hitting the shut down button so that it can close properly. Things could go wrong if you don’t shut down your computer properly. It might not start right the next time. You should always store your computer in room temperature. A hot temperature can ruin a lot of things in your computer. It can freeze on you.

You should rest your computer every two hours or so. You should close it and then let it cool down and then turn it back on again. This will speed up the computer. A computer that has been up for five or more hours will be very slow. You should let computers cool down. A computer is just like a car. If you drive for hours without stopping, you can overheat your car. The same is true with a computer. It can be over heated if you don’t rest it. You should delete any software that you download if you don’t use it anymore. Too much downloads could cause system to slow down or freeze on you. There’re people that have too much programs on their pc and they should delete some unused ones. You can also clean up your disk by going to disk cleaning button. You can clean up fragments by running the fragments check on your computer. You can also protect your computer from spy ware by downloading anti-spy ware software. Spy ware can steal your personal information without your permission. Ready boost is a new way to add more space to your computer. If you want to speed up your computer, you should free up space in it.



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