How to Catch Trout

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The first step to trout fishing is preparation.  The very first thing a person should do is acquire the proper fishing licenses needed in their area.  When fishing for trout a person will need to use an ultra light or light weight pole and reel.  The next thing is fishing line, 4 to 6 lb test is best for most trout waters.  After getting the line on the pole its time to get hooks and sinkers.  A size 10 to 14 hook is preferred by most trout fishers.  The place one or two split shot sinkers on the line.  Use less sinkers in shallower water and more sinkers in swift or deeper water.

The second step is purchasing the proper trout bait.  There are several types of bait a person can use for trout.  The most popular is night crawlers.  Other popular baits are Hellgrammites, power bait ( sold in bait and tackle shops), minnows, insect larva, grasshoppers, meal worms and salmon eggs.  Spinners and other lures  and artificial bait works well too.

Third, find your fishing spot and catch some fish.  Be sure when looking for your trout to travel down stream.  That way you don’t spook the fish.  If you happen to spook them, wait about a half an hour before trying to catch them.  When casting your line into the water be sure to cast up stream so the trout don’t see the line hit the water.  Let the line float in the current.  When the bait passes the trout they will strike it.


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