Why Black People

Why black people can’t help heal each other?
Why black people are the main race killing each other?
Why when a black person is trying to do right, why does another try to mess them up?
Why can’t we be like the Mexicans and stick together, support our own?
Because it seems like right now Obama is all alone.
We as black people should stand by his side, so that we can have our first black president.
 Why now black people are just starting to get registered to vote?
Maybe if we had more blacks voting before, we would have never had Bush as our leader. Why do we have black people dissing Hip-Hop?
When Hip-Hop is the only thing showing America how we’re living.
America don’t give a damn about us, I think we need hip-hop, I do understand that hip-hop is showing the black woman in a negative way, being a black woman I ain’t proud of it, but I think B.E.T need to stop showing those videos, put up some rules that any video that is going to be showed should have woman dressed proper.
 Why our young black males have to join gangs?
Don’t they know that if they get shot and killed they leave their friends and family in pain?
I wish my older brother Roderick Wilson’s friends would stop dying so my brother can stop crying and won’t have to hurt anymore because when he cry I cry.
 Why when some blacks get a high paying job they forget where they came from?
Don’t they know that is why their so strong.
Why black men cheat so much?
Why black woman are the main ones with AIDS?
Why black men are the main ones in jail?
Why black men don’t take care of their kids no more?
My daddy is missing out on me so why am I the one that’s hurting?
Why when he left me I got so big and shy?
We need more fathers like the one from “Good Times”.
 Why do black people fight so much?
Why we don’t have too many black leaders?
Why do we get picked on the most?
When is Black America going to wake up?
Why don’t black people give a damn?
Why do black people drink so much?
Why do black people only think about themselves?
When we going to rebuild Africa?
Why did we let Mexicans come and take our jobs?
Why don’t we stop being so lazy?
Why do we settle for less?
We don’t work because we have W.I.C
Why we got to be the one’s in the hood?
Why do we give our babies such dumb names?
Why do we let our non-black friends use the N-word?
Why we slowly letting Dr. Kings dream die?
Why the only black history stories I hear about at school is about Dr. King or Rosa Parks?
Why at school I only hear those stories on February?
Why I don’t learn a damn thing about Africa but the Mexicans always learn about Mexico?

I Just Want to Know Why???

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