Life Is What We Make It

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This was a message from my Uncle during the time that I am so depressed.

Life is what we make it. CHEER UP!!! Problems are just an spices in our life. It is said “that mankind has seemingly always been able to solve problems. From the dawn of history no ocean has been too wide, no mountain too high and no horizon beyond our reach.” Notwithstanding man’s resolve to come to grips with the problems facing him and success in meeting them. That is Life in this world.

The failure you’ve encountered this moment signalizing a good fortune someday in your path along your destination. Do not bother yourself. Do not let this problem be the hindrance to your success. Otherwise, let this be the inspiration towards the fulfillment of your dreams. God prepares everything. Maybe He planned already this, because He has another plan for you. So, dont get mad. Just relax and take it easy. I know you will forget everything sooner or later. You are an intelligent woman, smart and determined. So let this be a tool to eradicate the frustrations you’ve encountered. After all, you are so lucky, that you know him before it was too late. What I mean…he is not faithful in your relationship. So, why should you waste your time thinking of him and wasting your tears? What you are going to do, is to face the new challenges in your life. Concentrate and focus your attention of your endeavor. Remember, opportunity knock only once, so grab the opportunity. Here, you can conclude that you are the most successful woman in the world.

My dear niece, what I can say, let the spirit of God dwells in your heart. Whatever undertakings you’ve encountered failure or success include Him always, our Creator. Because without Him we are nothing.

Again, forget everything. It is just a bad dream, and you awaken already for that bad dream, so to sleep again let not the bad dreams be dreamed again, but dream your bright furture.


This letter inspires me a lot and so I kept this till now. Everytime I feel alone I will read this letter over and over again. For my uncle thank you so much for this very inspiring message.


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