How to Make a Unique Baby Shower Gift

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Things You’ll Need:

  • a small wicker clothes basket
  • an outfit, onesie, pants, socks, maybe a sweater…
  • clothes line
  • decorative clothes pins
  • little trinkets such as bottles, and rattles

Take the clothes line and decorative pins and hang the clothes like you are going to hang them out to dry… make sure that all of the items are facing forwards and if you want to give shoes tie the laces around the line.

Take your little laundry basket and wrap the line around securing it in the back so that the clothes hang freely around the basket, the receiver will be able to pick up the line and proudly display the outfit all at once and it looks so cute! Step3 fill the basket with a bottle of dreft baby laundry soap, maybe some baby soap and lotion, rattles, etc. whatever you want. This is sure to be a big hit. Be sure to have the mother hold the line to show of the beautiful outfit and your unique special gift idea.

Tips & Warnings

  • get a nice wicker basket with a liner, they make them in all colors and the liner you can usually find decorated.
  • if you can’t find decorated clothes pins, paint them, it adds a special decorative touch.

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