How to Lose weight with Alli

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Step 1

The Alli plan is an online tool designed to work with Alli. You will get support and online weight loss tools throughout your whole journey. With you check in weekly and they give you weekly steps to take along with a customized eating menu, journal, and free gifts along the way. There is also a place that you can talk to other users, Dr.’s and fitness experts.

Step 2

You may have heard the scary stories about Alli’s Treatment Effects. These are loose watery stools or gas with oily spotting. It does happen to people while on Alli, but, if you follow the directions this will not happen. Alli tells you how many grams of fat to eat in a day per meal. If you go over the fat grams by a lot that is when the TE’s happen. The reason for this is Alli works by breaking attaching to the enzymes which break down fat. If you eat too much fat while on Alli, It comes out as oil during your bowel movement. If you stick to your target fat grams you should not experience this.

Step 3

I have lost a total of 30 lbs. on Alli. I work out very little, just some light walking during the day while watching TV. I eat what I want but stay in the Target fat gram area, which is pretty high. I am allowed 17g per meal. I eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack everyday and take Alli with every meal containing fat. I drink a lot of water and take a multivitamin every night, which is necessary when taking Alli. If you think that you would like to try Alli, go to there are quizzes and assesments that will help you decide and some videos to show you how Alli works.


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