All I Want

All I want is my daddy
I wish he would come back to me
He don’t understand how much him not being here is hurting me
I want to love him
But he don’t love me
I want to hold him
I want a father daughter relationship
But he’s not her with me
What did I do wrong?
Did I not show my love for him hard enough?
Did I not say Daddy I love you strong enough?
Did I not smile everytime I seen him hard enough?
Why isn’t he here with me?
He’s all I want
I don’t care for an Ipod
I don’t care for a car
I don’t even care for a cell phone
All I want is him, my daddy
Daddy all I want is you
All I want is you
Love me
Why can’t you love me?

The way that I loved you

Why can you want me ?

the way I wanted you

Why did you let it take you away from me?

Let him go

I hate you

I wish you would just leave people alone

You should have never existed

Let my dad go, you don’t need him, I need him, I’m his only child

I’m supposed to be his high

I’m supposed to be all that he wants

And after you set him free from your spell release all the other weak parents who have left their families because of you.

See you thought that you was slick, you tried to take my mother away from me but she’s too strong for you, but instead she went to marijuana but that is better then you.

I don’t want nothing but my Daddy please let him come back to me.

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