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First off, I want to explain why I’;m on here. I’;d like to earn some cash online because I currently am unable to get myself a job. I actually do want to work at my local Food Lion, but I am too young being only 15 and they only accept employees as young as 16 years of age. I personally asked.

Food Lion is the nearest, most convenient local work place I have available due to the fact I’;m unable to work most anywhere else for the fact they sell alcohol. Any place that sells alcohol, such as Food Mart, is unable to hire teenagers.

I’;d like to make money for various reasons. Sure, I would like to shop, but I know that there’;s more to money than luxury. At the moment, I am trying to save as much money as I can before Black Friday and Christmas so I have enough money to buy my loved ones gifts.

My mom wants an $80 VS sweater, my boyfriend wants new earbuds/headphones and I’;d like to buy him a good quality, and my dad wants a lot of things. He wants a new TV, a radio, camo patterned clothing, etc etc. I’;m a caring person, and I won’;t feel right if I don’;t get anyone anything, so I’;m kind of panicking about being likely to not afford the gifts I want to get for the people closest to me.

Plus, I’;ve divised a money saving plan for when I do make money, whether it’;s online or at an actual job. I’;d definitely save, for the next 2 and a half years, 50% of my earnings for the future. I know it’;s not going to be cheap when I move out and I’;m going to have to be able to afford to leave if my parents want me to.

Then, I’;d save 25% of my earnings for something like a car, since that is pretty expensive. Then I’;d use the rest, the other 25%, for luxury use. By luxury use that includes not just shopping for myself, but others as well. Holidays and birthdays and anniversaries.

I am a straight A student. In my first term of my Sophomore year, this year, I received an A in Biology, Drama and History and an A- in Airbrush. My second term is about to end and I already know for a fact that I have an A in Biology and an A- in Drama.

I don’;t really read all that much, I’;m really picky about my books. It has to be a REALLY good story for me to read it. My favorite author since sixth grade is Michael Grant, he wrote the Gone series. Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague, Fear and Light. I am currently reading Plague. I’;ve also read through the Hunger Games and half of Catching Fire. Those are some of the best books I’;ve read. I also really enjoyed the book ‘;Stolen’;, I honestly can’;t remember who the author is since my book is with my grandma back in Montana, but the story was so good I finished it in 15 hours over the corse of two days. Generally it takes me months to finish a book.

My favorite genres? I really like Action and Adventure, I also like Fantasy and Romance. I’;ve also gotten a little bit into horror, but not much.


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