Sparks of Chaos in Nevada

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   Shortly after 7:15 AM October 21,2013, Shorts rang out outside Sparks Middle School, Sparks, Nevada.  Several 911 calls from students, and faculty poured into the Sparks Police dispatch. Another reporter said, the voices of those calling 911 were calm , collected, and so matter of fact; she almost dismissed the incident as a drill.

  A teacher and several students fled the school property for security in near by homes. Other students sought safety by hiding in the school restrooms.

  At approximately 7:20 the school officials began making phone calls informing parents there had been an incident -shooting- at Sparks Middle School . Parents are encouraged to pick up their child/ student at Sparks High School. Classes at Sparks Middle School dismissed until further notice.

  Initial reports, are saying that a unnamed teacher, approached the student encouraging him to hand over the weapon. It was then that the first of four shots rang out. This teacher was the first casualty.

   Two students were critically wounded, Two victims dead. One is belived to be a teacher and the gunman. The Gunman is belived to have died from a self inflicted gun shot wound. Police officials say, ” No shots were fired by any officers on the scene.

   School police from surrounding elementry and  Sparks High School responded to the 911 call.  Within moments every police officer with in range of the middle school responded to the police scanner report. Nevada Highway Patrol, the FBI, Reno police , Sparks police and others ansswered the call for Help at Sparks Middle School .

 Uniformed police and Swat officers took witness statements from thirty students. Officers from varioius law enforcement were positioned outside every entrance and exit to the school . several of the eye witnesses say the possible motive for the shooting was bullying.

Uniformed Swat teams went into the school effectively clearing the building of faculty and students. Everyone was evacuated to a near by elementry school where precautionary arrangements were made to bus the students and facualty to Sparks High School.

  Code Red, is always stressful for the students, the faculty, and parents. When parents arrived at Sparks Middle School they had to sign in , name the student or students they wished to have released. The parents were required to supply positive ID establishing they were the parent or legal guardian of the student to be released. Some parents were flustated by the required forms necessary to have their child released to them.   One parent said, ” If they cannot release our children, they could allow  us to view our family members through a glass window or a short phone call. We need to know our chidren are safe.


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