Who Are The Eagles?

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The Eagles have come a long way and traveled down a road that has tested them all. Each time that I watch their story, I get another piece that helps me understand what they are all about. I don’;;t agree with Glenn Frey and Don Henley, when they say that they are more important than the other band members because they do most of the song writing and singing. I think that fans pay to see and hear that unique sound that each artist has as individuals. Each person that has participated in the making of this band over the years has contributed something.

I can’;;t get enough of Joe Walsh. He has an amazing sound, and I don’;;t just mean on the guitar. Glenn talked about that he didn’;;t have the right voice, but then Glenn isn’;;t in the audience cheering on Joe when he plays and sings his heart out. Joe is more heavy metal. The same goes for Timothy Schmit. He brings an awesome sound to this group. He may not have started off with the Eagles, but he has the right voice and fits in like he belongs there. From 1978 until present day, The Eagles sound better because Timothy is there. He has given the band something it didn’;;t have when it began in the early 70′;;s.

After the hits that Don Henley and Glenn Frey put out during the 80′;;s and 90′;;s, its clear that they are more pop. All of the other band members are rock/pop rock. They are the ones that take the pop lyrics and mellow the words to give it that sound that the Eagles have strived for so long to create. “I Can’;;t Tell You Why”, is a perfect example. Timothy owned it by the way that he sings it. Even if Don Henley helped write it. The true genius is in the way that it is acted out. The follow through that Henely says he just didn’;;t want to be a part of. It is a true Eagles song. It’;;s funny how Timothy is the only member that is truely from California. Timothy had that California vibe all along and he wasn’;;t given any credit for it. He has taken the place of other guitarists that couldn’;;t cut it and helped the Eagles become what they are today. I have read reviews that say the same about this Eagle that has been left in the shadows while others claim they have done all of the work.

What makes this band so amazing is that they have so many leaders. I can’;;t think of another group that can compare to it. Glenn commented that only he and Don Henley had been successful during the 14 years that they were apart, and that they alone wrote and sang the majority of the hits of the Eagles. I don’;;t see that as acurate. Didn’;;t Don Felder write the music for Hotel California? That was the song that put The Eagles on the Map. He and Joe Walsh also put together the solo guitar piece at the end. Its not just the words that people love, but the music is intoxicating. It’;;s the beginning and the end that help people recognize the song. Some of the others continued working with other bands and producing albums as well. Its not like they just fell off the earth because they didn’;;t get any Grammys. Joe Walsh had crowds of people that loved him. His only let down was that he didn’;;t have proper representation to guide him.

It’;;s an amazing feeling when you hear a song and it takes you over mind, body, and soul. At a young age, I was given my first stereo and cassette player. I didn’;;t know the names of the artists only that I loved the music. I would record all of these tunes from the radio. Growing up in the 80′;;s in Texas, I was exposed to a variety of music. The locals played Country or Tejano, but I was more into pop, rock, and something in between. I didn’;;t learn to appreciate Tejano until my late teens when I began speaking spanish.

I grew up with a father born in the 50′;;s that had experimented with drugs and rock and roll in Atlanta, GA while trying to start up his own band. He would sit around and make up lyrics to whatever tune he felt like playing on his base or acustic guitar instead of working to support his family. I really don’;;t think he had an impact on any of his six children when it came to music. Not one of us learned to play a musical instrument.

In the end, the Eagles are just another great band and it’;;s not really important what Glenn Frey or any of the other band members say or do. The music is there to tell its own story. Before this documentary came out, I didn’;;t know any of these guys and I didn’;;t care who they were or what they had done to become successful. I just knew that I liked the music. People listen to music to celebrate or get through their grief, either way its the reason we turn on the radio or pull out those old favorite cd’;;s, cassettes, records, or even eight tracs.

They say that they have been a hit for over 40 years and that’;;s something to be proud of. I’;;ve been alive for almost fourty years and although I love their music, their stories don’;;t change the way that I feel about their music. People don’;;t want to see arrogance and discrimination in the music industry, they just want to hear the tunes without all of the drama.


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