How to make yummy Enchiladas

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If you have a special place in your heart like I do for Mexican food,  you will love these enchiladas. I never met anyone who didn’;t like an enchiladas. They are made so many different ways but this is one of my favorites and I wanted to share it with everyone on this site. This is the real deal, so so good, you will make them a staple in your home. Great for lunch, brunch or dinner. Heck even breakfast! Enjoy them!

You will need the following:

For the Sauce:

3 tablesppons of extra virgin oilve oil

1 tablespoon of flour

1/4 chilli powder

2 cups of chicken broth or stock

1 cup of canned tomatoes

1 teaspoon of Oregeno

1/2 teaspoons of ground Cumin

For the Filling:

3 cups of shredded Montery or cheddar cheese

2 cups of chicken (strips cooked and shreeded)

1 onion-diced

Make the sauce:

Heat the oil in a medium saucepan over low heat. Add in flour and mis with a wire whisk for 1 minute.

Now mix in Chilli powder and cook for 30 seconds. Mix in the stock, tomatoes, orgenao and cumin. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes stirring occasionally.


In large bowl combine chicken, onion and cheese.

In a skillet, heat up 1/2 cup of oil. Working one at a time, dip tortilla in the oil (use tongs). Brown on each side and drain onto a paper towel.

Dip a tortilla into the sauce to coat. Place onto a plate and fill. Wrap tortilla around filling down the center. Repeat with all remaining tortillas, lining them up side by side in a deep backing dish.

Bake on 350 for 30 minutes and serve hot.


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