Few Lame Justifications To Keep Away From New Language Acquisition

Learning a new language is not so easy to learn, whenever we start learning a new language, we may face some difficulties. Some people scare from these troubles and leave the language incomplete. There are some common excuses that they made for leaving the language. These excuses are:

  1. I don’t have the patience.
  2. I can’t give time to language learning.
  3. It is too difficult to learn.
  4. I think it not helps me in my future life.
  5. The teacher is not so impressive, he is not teaching well.
  6. I am not able to find relevant data on particular language.
  7. It takes too long, I have not enough time.
  8. The course is becoming too expensive for me.
  9. The class is big enough to learn.
  10. The class atmosphere is not so good.

Actually learning mechanism varies from student to student. Some students are good enough to learn new things so they manage their work easily. But some are weak in learning new things so they took some time in learning a new language. These students need proper attention and guideline to accomplish their goal. One most important thing that I want to share with you is patience and consistency, I was personally not good in language learning but I have good staying power so I stick to it and finally I am able to speak Urdu language perfectly.    

Some people have wrong thinking about online language learning, they think that better way to learn a language is by going to schools or by hiring a traditional tutor that come to your home for teaching. I totally disagree from this concept. In this busiest era no one have enough time to go to school, everyone have to nourish their families so it’s not impossible for one to go for language learning classes and  office at the same time  So, the best way to learn a language is through online media where you can learn any time you want. When I decided to learn Urdu then firstly I find Live Urdu Classes on Internet and read reviews about particular course, then I select urdureading.com and I get the results in few months. There is no difference in learning through schools or through online media. Both are good, you select the one that suits you.

Now moving towards next barrier, as there are different dialects of one language like Urdu have few dialects including Dakhni, Rekhta and Modern Vernacular. Some word have same meaning but differently spoken in each dialect. So newcomers become confused while judging that which one is correct. Obviously all are correct, the ascent is different due to their dialects so don’t be confused just stick to single dialect and speak it slowly and correctly. You will feel much better when you do conservation with native speaker and he understands you. It is better practice to say few words slowly that will be understood by the native speaker instead of speaking a lot of words and feel ashamed when native speaker say that I can’t understand a single word.

It is not possible that you laugh and cry at the same time similarly when there are many barriers around you then learning a new language is much difficult. So first remove the barriers and then learn the particular language.

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