Suspicions and Accusations

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  you have a neighbor. In fact you have two neighbors, a young man in his late 30′;s or early 40′;s and a older woman in her late 50′;s whom the man introduces as his wife. You do not know these neighbors but, you’;ve heard she denies being married to the younger man. You’;ve heard rumors , she is his live in girlfriend. Your personal religious values are in opposition to this alleged extra marital living arrangement.

 You and the neighborhood gossips do not know either of these neighbors. Not once have you troubled yourself to visit them. You and others question why they continue to make their home in a motel room or an efficiency apartment. All you, and your circle of friends know is ” it isn’;t right for a woman,her age, to be mattired to a man his age.  There is something wrong with a couple content to live month after month in an effeciency motel apartment. You do not know them. You have failed to befriend them; you have never made the effort. Your excuse is; They are different.

 You don’;t really know these neighbors. He is friendly always saying Hello to you, and everyone as he enters or leaves his apartment . His “wife ” always speaks when spoken to . Her reply is always respectful ” Yes sir” or Yes Mam ” The neighbors are different, they speak with a deep southern accent. They do not fit in, they never will. Without knowing them you rally community forces to expell them from your community.  What is it you fear? Do you even know ?

 Someone somewhere said the new couple are involved in an alternative lifestyle . Some claim they have heard the man call his wife Mistress . Immediately, your mind goes to prostitution . or the extreme darkness of BDSM . You have no knowledge or comprehension of this alleged occupation. You, and the ladies of the community fear if your suspicions are true, your men may visit this alleged Dominatrix or ‘;prostitute . your mind fails to wrap itself around the truth, for your men to be involved with this woman, He would have to ignitiate the meeting , schedule an appointment, and consent to any possible activity. You could ask, But then it is none of your business. You may appear to be nosy .

 You do not know these people , you know little or nothing about their allegved lifestyle. You do not know . You could ask, or better yet, you could extend the benefit of doubt to the neighbors until, you do know something.

   You aren’;t sure why but, something doesn’;t seem quite right . You heard someone somewhere say the man was a convicted felon . You do not know the man, you do not know what he did. You do not know the time he served or if he is on parole ?  Was he pardoned ? You simply don’;t know. So, you allow your insecurity and imagination run rampid .

  The woman is quiet and a bit reclusive . Sometimes she seems intimidated by the man. Again , you do not know so, your imagination goes wild with speculations. This male neighbor , you do not know, suddenly becomes violent man. the woman is his hostage whom he plans to murder. This man ,  whom you do not know and choose not to know is a sexual predator.  Your imagination convinces you, your women and children are in danger.

 What is ,or is not happening inside the neighbors house is None of your business. But, the false accusations and the speculation is far more damaging to the neighbors and your beloved community than a few sincere, non judgmental questions . Have the courage to learn the truth .


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