Nevada Day

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   Although the Nevada Territory could boast only 40,000 inhabitants in 1864 ,President Abraham Lincoln,. knew he must have the territory become a state. Lincoln insisted, Statehood occur before the next election. This must and would be done whether or not, the territroy met the minimum population of 60,000.  Lincoln needed the republican votes to maintain his majority. He wanted and needed the vast wealth of the  Comstock Lode to cover the war debt incurred as a result of the Civil War.

   The discovery in 1859 of silver in Virginia City’;District’;s Comstock Lode had mandated the development of new technologies to deal with thre blue-grey gunk that clogged up the place miners gold ore slucies. Placer Miners who originally developed the gold deposits in Virginia City. For years the miners had complained the blue-gray clay clogged thier operations. Eventually several more experienced miners discovered the blue -gray caly they had tossed  aside was silver ore. The recognition of the silver ore led miners to many large silver deposits and, the one massive deposit . Unlike the placer deposits ,silver , the Comstock Lode required a wide array of expensive new techniques. For the first time western mining began to attract investments from Eastern capitalist. The Wealthy Capitalist used their influence and political clout to push for Nevada Statehoo

 Throughout his administration Lincoln appointed territorial officials in Nevada who were strong Republicans,and he knew he could count on the congressmenand citiens of the new state, Nevada, to support him and the newly proposed 13th amendment banning slavery. Slavery was the decisive factor in easing the way for the new state’;s approval. Since time was short, the Nevada constitutional dlegation sent the entire state constitution to Washington at an astronomical fee of $ 3,416.77 The  US congress quicky admitted Nevada as the 36th state ; just Just in time for the November elections.

  Nevada Day is now celebrated with enim on the last Friday in October.


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